Monday, June 1, 2015

Alice Mary Lynch

Somerset based textile artist Alice Mary Lynch creates delightful dolls with distinctive personalities. I am enamored by the fancy attires she sews with hand-embroidery and glass beads embellishments. The beautiful dresses are crafted meticulously for each of the dolls, you can mostly tell what character the artist wanted her doll to be at the time she was making the dress for example: the owl looks like a princess in the fancy dress or the hares who could be bride and groom in that white lacy attire. 

"Armoured with glass beads, crystals and talismen, they are glittering little warriors, watching out for us in the real world."- the artist's statement.

Alice has made costumes for music videos and short films, and has exhibited in boutiques and galleries in London, Paris and Somerset. Her clients include Anya Hindmarch, Alice Temperley, Marwood and Victoria Beckham.