Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Paper Cut Installation by Stephanie Garmey

Sculpture Installation on tree Branch Cut Paper/ wax/ trace monoprint 24"H x 20"D x 12"W

Porcupine / Black Pine Cone
Sculpture Installation: Cut Paper/ wax/ trace monoprint 18" x 24" base

Skunk / Pod
Sculpture Installation: Cut Paper/ Wax/ Trace monoprint 18" x 24" base

Wood Chuck/Magnolia Leaves and Pod
Sculpture Installation: Cut Paper, wax, trace monoprint 18"x24"

Sculpture Installation Cut Paper, trace monoprint 78"Hx18"Wx12"D

Large Wasp Nest
Sculpture Installation: Cut Paper, trace monoprint, twig 18"Wx14"Dx10"H

Stephanie Garmey is a paper artist who grew up in Rockville, Maryland and continued with her career in the Mid-Atlantic region. She received her MFA in 1995 from the Hoffberger School of Painting, Maryland Institute College of Art and has a MA in Painting from Purdue University. 

She creates visually pleasing installations inspired by her collection of natural objects and materials and taxidermy animals using a variety of materials including cut paper combining it with painting, book arts, drawing and light.

Her solo exhibition entitled “Forest Floor” featuring paper wax animals was mounted at Stevenson University. The animal sculptures were made combining trace monoprints on mulberry paper with the cut paper and wax, and light boxes were installed to create a nocturnal feel. Garmey is presently teaching at The Maryland Institute College of Art since 1999 in the General Fine Arts and Drawing Departments. 

Visit her website to view more of her work in the past.


Susan said...

Very cool. I love your cutwork.

My Owl Barn said...

Thank you! Stephanie is very talented indeed!