Thursday, May 7, 2015

Beautiful Hand-Embroidery: Follow the White Bunny

"Follow the White Bunny" is a brain child of Nicole Vos van Avezathe an illustrator and an embroider from Rotterdam, Netherlands. She specializes in designing original hand-embroidery patterns and craft designs. Her work is cheerful, and full of intricate stitches and shading that you probably haven't seen anywhere else. Her work often depicts birds and animals dressed up as human beings wearing scarf and jacket as if they are playing a role in a story. Her embroidery has a very delicate feel, done on a carefully selected fabric either plain or printed which compliments the entire nature of the piece. Her work has been featured in Mollie Makes and Homespun magazine.  

She also conducts online workshops and embroidery classes suitable for beginners as well as advance students, you can find out more details about her upcoming class here. She has shared some free patterns and tutorials on her blog


Iris said...

I love the Doubtful Guest one!