Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Art of Don Pendelton

New York Skyline

After the Storm

Geometry of Light

 Lost in the Kingdom

Uncloudy Day



American artist Don Pendleton is a considered a legend for his work for skateboard graphics, murals, conceptual art and installations. His signature cubist*, expressionist** style is a perfect combination of simplicity as well as chaos. His pieces often have characters, animals, insects in his unique, distinctive style, colors, geometric shapes and lines that appear to be hidden at first glance. His fans will instantly recognize his triangle owls an iconic design used on several surfaces from sporting goods to apparels. 

*Cubism= a style of painting or sculpture developed in the early 20th century characterized by the reduction of natural forms to their geometric equivalents.
**Expressionism= a style of painting, music, or drama in which the artist seeks to express emotional experience, rather than impressions of the external world.

He is currently a freelance  artist who has worked with Alien Workshop, Element Skateboards, Zero Skateboards, Mountain Dew, Heroin Skateboards, Oakley, Nike 6.0, Gravis, Burton, K2, DVS Shoes and Etnies to name a few. He has participated in exhibitions across the globe and his work has been featured in Slap Magazine, The Skateboard Mag, Transworld, Color, Streetwear Today, Lodown Magazine and other online publications.

You can learn about his work and read more about him on his website -