Monday, August 18, 2014

Cecelia Webbers: Owls and Flowers From Human Nudes


'Night Owl'

'Cherry Blossom'

Detail of "Cherry Blossom'






Good morning friends, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Last night, I had a pleasure of discovering the amazing work of a Los Angeles based artist Cecelia Webber. Her Human Bodies Artwork is a series of the digital photographic images of owls, butterflies, flowers, plants composed entirely with photographs of naked human body. Each composition may take up to 700 layered images to get the desired results and two months of painstaking process of cutting digital cutting, rotating and coloring the images before they are assembled together. 

The artist says: “I began creating my compositions after noticing that a photo I had taken of my back looked like a petal. From there, I became fascinated by the practice of trying to create organic imagery with greater and greater accuracy.” With her artwork, she wants to make people aware of their complex connection to nature and understand their responsibility towards it by making environmentally friendly choices. Also, she hopes that her work will inspire humans to create a positive image of them and cultivate an ability to look at nudity as comforting, vulnerable, and beautiful.