Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cut Paper Illustrations by Maude White

Buffalo based paper artist Maude White cuts exquisite art pieces often depicting owls, birds and leaves. Each piece is hand cut with extreme precision giving her work a delicate and feather light feel. Her detailed illustrations can consist of thousands of minute cuts using just a craft knife. 

From artists's webiste: "I come from a family of visual storytellers. I have always believed that our vision is as important as our hearing when we communicate. Very rarely do we rely on words alone. It is what we see, and how our brains interpret what we see that shapes our perceptions and actions. I began cutting paper with that understanding. I want my art to communicate to the observer what my words cannot do effectively."

She has an online store Brave Bird Paperwork where she sells her cutting. You can view more of her work in her portfolio and get news about her new pieces by joining her on Instagram.


Anonymous said...

Love them all. Absolutely beautiful Such talent!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely incredible and amazing! They all look stunning.

My Owl Barn said...

Her work is incredible! Thanks for stopping by :)