Friday, May 24, 2013

Claire Morgan: Amazing Suspended Sculptures

Claire Morgan is a visual artist born in Belfast and now living in London. She graduated in 2003, since then Claire has exhibited internationally, with solo exhibitions in the UK and Europe, and museum shows in US and Australia. She is the creator of these amazing sculptures made from thousands of elements suspended individually with threads. Her work often comprised of  organic materials including taxidermy animals, birds, insect and seeds.

“Animals, birds and insects have been present in my recent sculptures, and I use suspense to create something akin to freeze frames. In some works, animals might appear to rest, fly or fall through other seemingly solid suspended forms. In other works, insects appear to fly in static formations. The evidence of gravity – or lack of it – inherent in these scenarios is what brings them to life, or death.”

You can follow her on Facebook for updates on her new work or to get information on her upcoming exhibitions.