Thursday, May 23, 2013

Owl Teapot, Owl Jar and More

I have featured owl ceramic products before but these are just too cute! I have been seeing tons of bright owl ceramics all over the web and compiled this post with few of my favorite pieces. I don't really have a need for any of these but it's getting really hard for me to resist ordering one of each, especially the owl jar. Which one do you like?

Grasslands road crimson hollow owl plate and bird spreader
Acorn plate with owl spreader


Unknown said...

These are so awesome! I love the owl teapot sooooo much! I know what you mean about not needing them, but finding it hard to resist them. Hehehehehehe!

Corujinha Artes said...

I simply loved the teapot! Owlmazingly beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, these are so cute, I love owls too!!!
(smjohns63 at yahoo dot com)

Unknown said...

Wow. Where can i buy them?

My Owl Barn said...

You can find the direct link to the product page in the post. Thank you for stopping by :)