Monday, May 27, 2013

Harry Potter Themed Party

I love the Harry Potter theme for the parties and I was thrilled to come across this beautiful party styled by Kara Party Ideas for Parenting Magazine that included owls in everything from cupcakes to masks to balloons. 

Apart from the owls, the party had lots of other wonderful ideas like Harry Potter inspired old steamer trunk, vintage suitcases, a British inspired telephone booth shelf and a book themed end table.

The owl faced balloon, acting as the party invitation "delivery owl" from Harry Potter is especially a cool idea.  It's a fun and easy to make!

The owl glasses are my favorite! You can make these for yourself with only a few simple things and a pair of frame which you can find at a dollar store. The instructions to make these glasses can be found here.

The beautiful feathery cake and sweet looking vanilla cupcakes must have been a great hit among children and adults alike.

For more pictures of the party and information on the vendors go here.


Unknown said...

That is adorable! I love it! I want to be invited to it! Heheheee! I agree the feather owl glasses are the best!

Iris said...

I love both Harry Potter and owls. This party is perfect!