Friday, May 27, 2011

Susie Wright

Susie Wright aka Suzy and the owls is a printmaker and illustrator working between Edinburgh and London. She creates images that combine drawing, photography, screenprinting, often inspired by her love for animals and Scottish highlands. The reappering subject matters in work are owls, scotland, landscapes, plants, animals and birds and architecture.

"The owl comes from round about the time I went to Paris. My friend and I were looking for some new french words to use on our trip and we came across the word ‘chouette’ which my school french vocabulary book said meant ‘cool’.  we later found out it also meant ‘owl’, which we found pretty amusing and so the owl kind of became the fist reoccurring element within my work."

She has an upcoming exhibition at Art Work Space art gallery in London on May 23rd through June 24th. For more information go to here.

Have a great long weekend!