Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ryan Moore and The 100 Owls




My friend recently moved to Texas and he sent me some information of our interest. Did you know that The Rice University has a baseball team known as Owls aka Rice Owls and their mascot is Sammy the owl? But that's not this post is about. The post is about Ryan Moore and his army of Lego owls.

Ryan Moore is a manager of networking at the university and a Lego enthusiast who is building block by block an entire of Sammys for Rice's Centennial. So cool! I must visit my friend in October that's when the Centennial celebration is and of course, I'll have a chance to see the entire collection of owls.

These owls are not for sale, Ryan shares: "I've really resisted any and all suggestions to attach a price to this point, they're gifts or nothing at all. I have a job!"

This video shows his owls in action. Each owl is approx. four-inch tall who can flaps his wings and rotate his heads 360 degrees when a knob on the backs is twisted.

By watching this video you can get a glimpse at the process on how these Lego owls were built by Ryan by strategically placing one Lego at a time.



Vixie said...

Oooh, they are so cool! Might have to pull out the old lego boxes and try it myself...

Unknown said...

Excuse me
Can you provide instructions?