Friday, May 27, 2011

Sparrowkids Owl Cushion



This Sparrowkids' sew your own owl cushion kit is from their new range of "Sparrowkids Make At Home" cushion sewing kits. The kit contains cut out owl shape, leaves and flowers with pre-punched holes, black milled wool background, envelope back, a needle and embroidery threads - everything you need to make a cushion cover. The clear layout instructions make it easy to put together and a great introduction to sewing for children without using a sewing machine.


Elizabeth said...

How adorable, I would love one of these.

Jayna Rae said...

Those are absolutely ADORABLE.

Tania said...

so pretty!

Anonymous said...

how sweet! thank you for finding the sparrows make at home owl cushion kit - for teens to adults, all from

from the designer! Charlotte Packe

Unknown said...

Love these. I made an owl cushion for my 18 mo old from a sewing kit. Id like to make more on my own.

This is what I started with.

Id love to try something on my own like what you did above! The like in your blog is no longer working.

Unknown said...

I love these. The link you have for the kits is no longer valid.
I used one of these kits for an owl cushion I made my 18mo old here:

Id like to try some new kits or patterns.