Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Pen & Ink on Sculpted Paper Paintings by Award Winning Artist Col Mitchell

Award winning paper artist Col Mitchell works with pen and ink and sculpted papers on canvas or panel to create stunning paintings. She calls this technique "Pen & Ink on Sculpted Paper". In 2008 she attended paper on canvas workshop which she had no interest in at the time, she went with it as a challenge to herself to move out of her comfort zone. This workshop proved to be a strong foundation for her artwork later on. Whatever she learnt from the artists around her combining that she invented her own unique technique.

Col specializes in creating paintings where wet tissue paper is applied on the canvas and crumbled to form trees, wildlife birds and so on. Once the paper is dried the artist uses acrylic washes before she fills in the intricate details like branches, leaves, feathers, fur, petals, and other shapes with black ink.

"My works show a single predominant subject, designed to catch the eye through shape and colour. The texture reads as movement or energy. As you explore further, get closer, the details emerge. The complexity of the interwoven coloured lines heightens the sense of discovery which (hopefully) ignites and connects you to your own memories of discovery that have a sense of the fantastical to them." via
You must watch the following video to learn more about her process.


Barbara said...

très impressionnant et très réussi
jamais vu ça donc merci!

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