Monday, March 15, 2021

Pavana Ceramics Made with Speckled Clay and Bright Glazes

Tatiana Novikova is a ceramic artist and designer behind Pavana Ceramica. When I discovered her work what caught my attention right away was the rough form of her whimsical pieces.

She creates functional ceramic pieces that are suitable to be used everyday. The collection of cups, plates, teapots, vases, teapots, mirrors, soap dishes, vessels and lamps are individually made by the artist. Her ceramics are a piece of art shaped into owls, rabbits or abstract shapes. I love the combination of speckled textured clay and bright glazes in her work. The owl lamp is to die for. It's so cute!


My Owl Barn said...

I love her work! She is so good. Thank you Laurie for stopping by :)