Friday, April 2, 2021

Artist Paints Thousands of Dots to Create Stunning Artwork


Erika Pochybova-Johnson also known as Ebova has been painting over 14 years. Erika is self-taught artist who is well-known in the field of art for her distinct style.

Texas based artist creates intricate artwork depicting natural world that evokes the sense of timelessness and ethereal majesty often inspired by symbolism and mythology of European folk art. To creates these mesmerizing paintings she utilizes an elaborate painting technique and metaphoric imagery to comment on everyday life.

Her work is influenced from Pointillism technique developed by Georges Seurat. It's a technique in which tiny dots of paint is applied to a canvas to form an image. The artist has to manually and strategically place thousands of dots one by one that slowly transforms into an owl, a horse, a parrot, or a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Ebova is the winner of several prestigious art competitions. Her work has been showcased in many galleries throughout the US. Her work has been published in multiple publications both nationally and internationally.