Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Package Design: Alpine Provisions

Alpine Provisions is a beauty brand based in Boulder, CO started by Joshua Onysko as a contribution to the beautiful planet we call Earth. The brand makes a wide range of products such as lip balm, deodorant and bar soap that are 100% biodegradable, natural, organic and sustainably sourced.

Their plastic-free range of body and skin care products are packaged in recyclable aluminum and sustainable paper. Each product features hand drawn animal illustration by an illustrator and tattoo artist Marisa Aragón Ware.

It took about 14 months to come up with the eco-friendly packaging and design but the results are stunning. The brand succeeded in coming up with the packaging design that's not only inspired by the natural world but is in sync with the ethical product it's holding.

The founder of the company Joshua Onysko has been plant-based since 1997 for animal-welfare reasons. This transformation happened when Joshua read how plastic pollutes our oceans and kills over 100 million marine animals a year. The contemporary and eye catching design will grab passer bys attention to a soap bar and give it a sniff.