Thursday, February 18, 2021

Floyd Scholz: A World Renowned Carver

Floyd Scholz is a world renowned bird carver who has been carving for over 50 years. He has carved hundreds of hyper-realistic bird sculptures including of of eagles, hawks, owls and many other large birds. He begins with a block of wood, and after carefully planning carves life-size birds sculptures that look almost like real ones. He then hand-paints the feathers, beaks, and other features which spark life into these pieces. He carves these magnificent bird sculptures from his home studio on a mountaintop in Hancock, Vermont.

He has been honored with several awards at major shows throughout the country and has gained huge following all over the world. He has authored 8 books on carving explaining the most minute details on carving, one of the books is dedicated to just owls. Owls: An Artist's Guide to Understanding Owls has about 700 images of 16 species of owls from Elf Owl to Great Horned Owl. Among his fans the most notable include Gary Larson, Glenn Close, Bo Derek, Carrie Fisher, Robert Kennedy Jr., and musician John Sebastian.


Barbara said...

dingue de réalisme magnifique ++++