Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Beautiful Functional Ceramics by French Artist Elise Lefebvre

I am sure it has happened to you too that you paused while scrolling because something caught your attention and made you stared at it for a long time. Elise Lefebvre's ceramics belong to that kind of art that will draw you in the beautiful shapes and playful ceramic figures.

Elise currently lives and works in Limoges, France. Before Elise discovered clay was her true love, she experimented with many different materials. One can see her love and care in her ceramic pieces. She creates vases, plates, bottle stoppers, planters, bowls, vessels, and more functional pieces. Some pieces are left unfinished with rough edges which adds character to her work. Her ceramics are often painted with lovely patterns and designs. There is a fluid, feminine and light feel to her work. You can follow her work on Instagram - Elise Ceramique.