Monday, January 25, 2021

Autumn Skye and Her Mesmerizing Paintings

'Sophia's Gift'

'Wild Abandon'

'Secret Garden'







'Mycelium Dreaming'

'Freedom Cry'

Autumn Skye Morrison grew up traveling and getting inspired by the majestic landscapes and rich nature of North America. Ever since she could hold a pencil, she has been expressing her fondness for the natural world through her paintings.

Autumn is a self-taught artist who has dedicated herself exploring the art and created her own unique style. Her artwork is a beautiful combination of "realism, iconic imagery, profound symbolism, and subtle geometries.' The paintings often feature animals, women figures and symbols painted in acrylics that seem to illuminate the canvas.

“Each Canvas Takes Me On A Journey, And As My Paintbrush Follows, Each Time I Am Led Back To My Centre. I Believe That The Role Of The Artist Is Especially Crucial At This Challenging And Exciting Time. While The World Is At The Precipice Of Momentous Change, Artworks Have The Potential To Be Maps, And These Maps Can Help Guide Humanity Forward Into New And Positive Ways Of Seeing And Being. Through Creativity We Have The Opportunity To Transmute Shadow And Pain Into Visions Of Healing And Wholeness."

She now lives in Canada, teaching and showing her work all over the globe. Her paintings have gained her a world wide recognition and attracted fine art collectors. You can find her originals, art prints, tapestries, cards, stickers and clothing in her online store - Autumn Skye Art.