Friday, November 6, 2020

Whimsical Soft Sculptures Made from Recycled Fabrics

Hi everyone! I can't believe another week has just gone by. Before I wrap up for the weekend let me introduce you to the adorable whimsical creatures by Made by Swimmer. The team of two sisters - Jo and Sue - with a passion for sewing create a collection of soft sculptures using recycled and vintage fabrics.

To construct these lovable creatures they collect fabrics from their local second hand stores and flea markets. The duo is inspired by the childhood memories, toys, cartoons and storybook characters. Their unique products are entirely handmade with at least 90% of recycled materials, and finished with hand knitted applique detailing and embroidered features. These darlings will make a great gift for someone who loves folk inspired, timeless fabric sculptures. You can find more of their work in their online store - Made by Swimmer.

Have a wonderful weekend!