Monday, November 2, 2020

Embroidered Brooches and 3D Artwork by Amalgamique

Barbara of Amalgamique is an embroidery artist from Croatia. She creates hoop art, brooches and three dimensional sculptures using variety of materials.

"I am a translator. No, I don't translate words, I translate feelings, moods, dreams, concepts, and visions into whatever medium I can find. After a long search for a way for expressing the depths of my being, I finally managed to find an adequate form. Visual and tactile arts combined in my embroidery pieces are what I enjoy doing the most and I'm finally ready to share it with the world."

She embroiders a whole range of subjects matters combining traditional embroidery techniques and contemporary jewelry making methods. Her pieces are embroidered by her with incredible detail and embellished with wire, beads, sequins, and collected materials. 

Her statement three dimensional pieces are inspired by her love for puzzles and problem solving skills often feature hidden artwork inside an artwork. The embroidered pieces are one-of-a-kind that'll make a perfect gift for an art enthusiasts. For a unique piece of art to gift this holidays, take a look at her online store.