Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Whimsical Halloween Figurines Made by Vintage by Crystal in Collaboration With Johanna Parker

This whimsical Halloween collection is one of my favorite so far because it's created by two of my all time favorite artists - Crystal Sloane of Vintage by Crystal and Johanna Parker. The graphics and faces are from Johanna Parker's collection and the hand-spun cotton figurines are made by Crystal in her signature style. This range offers both free standing figurines and ornaments that are ready to hang. 

Every figurine is handmade inspired by techniques used by the cottage artisans who made holiday ornaments in Victorian era Germany. To construct these characters the artist used both new and vintage materials, and embellished them with found objects such as ribbons, antique glass beads, vintage paper, and glitter. These one-of-a-kind characters are finished with hand-painted details. You can find these limited edition Halloween collection here.