Tuesday, October 20, 2020

3 Dimensional Shadow Boxes by Cutting Edge Wood Creations

Tina and John is a husband and wife team of designers behind Cutting Edge Wood Creations. John has accumulated an experience of over 35 years in carpentry and construction field. Tina studied art and photography in university while she was dabbling in the arts on the side. They make three dimensional shadow boxes using layers of laser cut cherry wood that is hand stained and assembled into beautiful scenes. These shadow boxes come pre-wired ready to hang.

Their work is inspired by the nature featuring owls, dolphins, deer, and holidays. "Tina lived on the coastline of British Columbia for over 17 years, “with orca pods basically in my front yard,” she writes. The jumping whale scene, with its orca playfully leaping out of the blue ocean waters, is an image close to her heart. Cat and dog images stem from their personal animal rescue efforts. Wildlife scenes come from their woodland Oregon City home."

They have shown their products at several art festivals, exhibitions and galleries. If you want to see their work in person then they will be exhibiting at Tempe Festival of the Arts from December 4 through 6, 2020. You can find the details for this event and the upcoming events on their website