Friday, September 25, 2020

Hand-Crafted Music Boxes Decorated With Miniature Woodland Creatures

Ivania of Autumn Forest is an artist based in Porto, Portugal. She creates beautiful music boxes inspired by nature and the woodland creatures. Each box is handcrafted and is unique. All the elements inside the box such as miniature owls, hedgehogs, pumpkins, snow, mice and field of poppies, are sculpted by hand by the artist. The artist is a nature enthusiast, loves to decorate the inside of the boxes with the natural materials collected from the woods.

These whimsical boxes are second best thing to an actual walk into the woods. Anytime you feel like taking a walk to the woods simply open the box and let your senses soak in the magic. These boxes are fitted with glow emitting blinking fireflies and play music of your choice. It's a great gift for a nature lover and an animal lover. You can find these pieces in her online store and see a brief video of it in action here.


Barbara said...

j'ai pas l'image???
mais grâce au lien
j'ai vu féerique !!merci bon week end

Iris said...

Those are amazing! So much detail.

My Owl Barn said...

@Barbara Thank you <3

@Iris I agree, they are amazing!