Wednesday, September 23, 2020

14Karat Gold Elegant Everyday Ceramics by Hope and Mary

Hope is a ceramist who grew up in Hockessin, DE a tiny suburb in the country and currently lives in Chattanooga. She studied Anthropology and earned a certification in teaching Art Education at the University of Colorado. It was during this time she fell in love with ceramics and paintings which provided her with a way to explore beauty in simplicity and function.

She makes vases, butter dishes, bowls, plates and more. Each piece is handmade by Hope using a Korean technique called 'mishima'. It's technique where each intricate design is hand drawn onto the surface of the clay with a hard, sharp tool and covered with contrasting color. Once the slip is completely dry, the excess is wiped away revealing the finished image. 

You can find the stockists of her work here and the pieces available for purchase on her website Hope and Mary.


Barbara said...

fin et délicat en effet