Thursday, September 10, 2020

Bunnie Reiss Creates Paintings As Message Of Visual Communication For The Modern World

Bunnie Reiss was born in Maryland and grew up on in rural Colorado. She studied literature, and worked for National Public Radio and later earned a MFA in painting from San Francisco Arts Institute. While she was figuring out what she wanted to pursue as a full-time career, she never stopped painting. When she moved to San Francisco she found a community of artists with whom she spent building, creating and exploring art together.

Her works has been influenced by her Eastern European background, folk art, bright colors and patterns. Through her work she addresses the issue of the modern world. Her on-going series "Future Nature" and "All Our Nature" is an attempt to leave behind as a simple and deep message of visual communication.

"As technology advances and the human condition gets more confused on how it is we are supposed to interact with one another, any visual expression that can bring people together feels imperative to keeping this world going. I’d like to be a storyteller in part of this larger book. I’d like to be the time-traveler that helps people to remember to talk to one another. And most importantly, I want to use my skill as an artist to leave this world better than it was before I became a part of it."

She has showcased her work all around the world including galleries, and bookstores. You can visit her website to view murals, installations, and sketchbook art.