Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Highly Detailed Illustrations of Imaginative Creatures by Kerby Rosanes

Kerby Rosanes is a Philippines-based illustrator who uses ink, fineliners and markers to make geometry inspired animal illustrations. What started as a hobby became his part-time freelance work which has been featured on many international blogs and magazines.

His moleskine notebook collection depicts animals in an imaginative world where an owl carries a castle on its back and an elephant has giant wings for ears.

The artist has worked in collaboration with several artists, brands and design agencies from all around the world. His style is reminiscent of doodling but each piece has incredible amount of detail.


His artwork is filled with jaw-dropping intricate lines that are curved, swirled, and stroked into fur, feathers, scales, and skin of the creatures. You can watch him doodling behind the scenes videos and more of his creations on Instagram.


Lora King said...

Kerby is huge in the adult coloring world. You might want to check a Kerby hashtag in Instagram. His newest book was a best seller.

Barbara said...

quel talent !