Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Three Dimensional Fabric Sculptures by Linda Fjeldsted Blust

Linda Fjeldsted Blust is a textile artist living in the high desert near Reno, Nevada. She learnt to sew as a child from her grandmother and has been working with fabric for several years making everything from Christmas stockings to ballroom dance costumes. She studied art in college and always wanted to make her creations into artwork. Currently, she is making three dimensional fabric sculptures of "crazy critters'.

Since 2014, Linda has dedicated her time to making animal fabric sculptures inspired by her surroundings. "​I am inspired by the wildlife and natural beauty that surrounds me. Our house is located across the street from a creek, and not far from a wetlands sanctuary. Coyotes and wild horses wander through the neighborhood. Pelicans, Canada geese, ducks, egrets and herons nest nearby, and our backyard feeders attract quail, chickadees, gold finches, yellowhead and redwing blackbirds and flickers, while hawks, owls and eagles fly overhead." 

She mainly sculpts birds, she watches the ones in the wild for hours and tries to capture their personalities in her work. Each sculpture is made out wire that's bent into animal shapes, that are stuffed and covered into colorful pieces of twisted fabric and decorated with rhinestones, buttons, feathers, and silk flowers.

You can find the original bird sculptures in her online store at Wild Things.


Barbara said...

j'aime beaucoup ! merci