Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Beautiful Contemporary Textile Art Combined With Ancient Weaving Techniques by Julie Robert

Julie Robert aka Julie Weaves is a textile designer whose work is created with a combination of ancient techniques of weaving, embroidery, lockstitch and punch needle. After studying Fine Art in Toulon where she experimented with painting and photography, she worked as a costume designer for film and advertising.

In 2013 during a trip to Iceland, Julie discovered contemporary weaving style and upon returning home she continued exploring the new methods of weaving. 

Julie creates textile paintings, murals, decorative wall pieces, cushions, and toys using wool, silk, and other fabrics. Her work is generally created in soft, natural colors with a feel of lightness to them.

She has published four books and travels around the world to show her work. She conducts classes and workshops throughout the year so the beginners as well as those with experience have access to the art form. 

You can learn about her work by following her on Instagram. Her pieces available for purchase can be found in her online store - Julie Weaves.