Thursday, July 23, 2020

Miniature Hand-Embroidered Birds That Look Real

Pola Laamanen is an embroidery artist who makes miniature birds that you can wear! While growing up she got influenced by her mother who worked with fabrics, textile and accessories.

She makes these gorgeous bird brooches out of her love for these feathered creatures. Every element in her pieces is entirely handmade from flowers to feathers. She uses silk, satin and laces in crafting each bird. Her work is a combination of thread painting and stumpwork that gives her birds a three dimensional feel and make them look so real. The menagerie of birds range from common to extinct birds including rooster, flamingo, turaco, red cardinal, o’ahu ‘ō’ō, parrot and owl.

Pola's work is available on her online store - PolaLab. You can follow her on Instagram to learn more about her work.


Barbara said...

impressionnant superbe merci de la découverte