Monday, July 20, 2020

Bird Etchings By Stephanie Zeiler Martin

Stephanie Zeiler Martin is a painter and a printmaker living along the central coast of California. Her journey as an artist started when her daughters moved out of the house and she began to take art classes to pursue her life long dream.

Printmaking especially etching is a time consuming process, it involves drawing the subject, and then capturing the image on a copper plate. This can take anywhere from few hours to weeks or even months. If you have done everything by the book, be ready for a completely different outcome than what you expected. The artist shares "strange things can happen in the acid tank."

Stephanie's surroundings rich in flora, fauna, farms and wildlands influence her work. The artist makes her own copper plates based on her original illustration using techniques dating back to the Renaissance.

"I have long appreciated wild places and creatures, but my art work has given me even greater regard for the design and diversity of nature. Painting a landscape or drawing a taxidermied bird forces me to observe much more keenly a familiar creature or place. I wrangle with what is the most essential information to convey, and -- just as important-- what to leave out or merely suggest."


You can find her limited edition prints in her online store.


Barbara said...

dessins très vivants
merci du partage bonne semaine