Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Street Artist Bordalo II Creates Small And Large Scale Sculptures Using Trash

Portugese artist Bordalo Segundo also known as Bordalo II uses things that have been discarded as trash to make amazing sculptures. He uses old doors, shutters, windows and benches as canvas on which he then assembles plastics, electronic material, fabrics, light metals, children's toys, hammocks and whatever else he can find that'll fit the construction of his subject. He collects the materials for his work from the streets, empty spaces, garbage dumps or recycling centers. Finally, all the elements of his work are cut, bent, drilled, and joined with machines and workshop tools.

He has been working on pieces for the Large Trash Animal Series, Small Trash Animal Series and its subseries Half Half and Plastic Animals. The series with the sculptures with half of its side painted in color and half left unpainted to show the original materials.

His sculptures make us question our choices, how our insatiable consumption is generating trash and harming the planet. To view more of his work and to learn about what is he working on currently, visit him on Instagram.


Barbara said...

je connaissais pour une fois :)