Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Lovely Illustrations by Nadine Safa

Nadine Safa of Vüvie is an illustrator based in Sydney, Australia. After studying Graphic Design, Nadine worked for a packaging design studio where she got numerous opportunities to illustrate for some major brands.

She paints owl, butterflies, dragonflies, turtles, whale, squid, and sea horse using traditional watercolor technique. She loves the challenge of creating textures and effects by hand which gives a sense of accomplishment at the end of a piece. Her work is filled with tiny details, it's hard to believe that she paints only when she finds time when her kids are asleep.

She finds inspiration in nature, however she found a deeper connect with the natural world when she noticed her toddler being curious around flowers and leaves. It was then she started to see incredible details and connected with nature on a spiritual level.

She doesn't sell online yet but you can find more of her work on Instagram or email me on