Friday, June 19, 2020

Gouache Bird Paintings By Kaitlin Hoyt

Kaitlin Hoyt is a wildlife illustrator and natural-science hobbyist based in Fredericton, New Brunswick. She gained a wellness focused degree from University of New Brunswick, this knowledge helped her explore the interconnectedness of human health and nature through her illustrations. 

She paints beautiful birds using traditional mediums like acrylic and gouache. Through her nature inspired illustrations Kaitlin hopes to re-establish a connection to the outdoors for those who are removed from it. 


Her work has rich color palette which makes it a joy for a viewer to observe her feathered creatures. The artist is currently working as a wildlife-drawing instructor at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre.

Visit her Instagram where she is sharing a bird painting a day for 100 days challenge. So far, she has painted about 68 birds including tawny owl, swan, quail, red-tailed laughingthrush, noisy miner and more. For available art prints visit her online store.


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