Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Decorative Ceramic Birds by Artists of Jehn Ceramics

Jehn Ceramics is a family run company started in 2003 by a husband and a wife team - Monika and Robert Jehn-Olszewska. They hand sculpt functional, everyday dishes as well as decorative birds. They both studied at the Warsaw University of Technology and use the knowledge to prepare the clay and glazes for their birds.


The series of birds include over 30 different kinds of birds such as owl, woodpecker, kingfisher, flamingo, white stork, rooster, raven, cuckoo and many more.


There is so much precision in the shape and form of the feathered creatures that they can be mistaken for real birds. It can take about three weeks to handcraft a bird from beginning to the end. Each bird stands on lacquered steel legs for durability and stability.

You can find their birds, vases, bowls, plates and other pretty things in their online store - Jehn Ceramics.