Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Recycled Materials Welded Into Life-Size Amazing Sculptures

Brian Mock is a metal sculptor who spent most of his childhood years in Oregon, now he lives in Aloha, Oregon. He drew, painted and experimented with wood carving most of his young life. In 1997, he started to create sculptures using recycled materials and self-taught welding skills. With his creativity and imagination, he turns metal scraps into most amazing life-size sculptures of owl, horse, lion, cat, rabbit, bear and more. He carefully selects each piece of metal to fit the form of his subject which gives his work incredible fluidity. The delicate feathers of a bird or free-flowing hair of a mane make his sculptures almost real.

"Giving old, everyday objects a new life as one sculpture is an artistically demanding, yet gratifying, process. My work is designed to emphasize resourcefulness and encourage viewer engagement. Audience reactions fuel my creativity and help me bring my visions to life."

Brian's work is part of many galleries, featured in several publications and art books. He has created sculptures for country's renowned hotels, restaurants, cafes and for Ripley's Believe It or Not museum.


Barbara said...

fantastique merci !