Friday, May 8, 2020

Quirky Hand-Sculpted Characters By Alan James



Alan James is originally from England and currently living in Reykjavik, Iceland. Working as a postman full-time, Alan sculpts whimsical characters in his spare time. He shares on his Etsy profile that he finds "peace and tranquility to sculpt, paint and collect rocks and stones."

In 1997, he gained formal education to be a painter at the school of fine art and design at the northern town of Akureryi, and earned a graduate degree. He realized his true passion was sculpting when he created a x-mas gift for a friend's daughter. He hand-makes one-of-a-kind quirky creatures and imaginative characters. He makes owls, frogs, birds, cats, and people in clay and craft wire. To finish each piece is hand-painted with acrylic paints and a protective coat. His sculpture can be as big as only 1.5 cm in length. You can find the entire collection in his online store.


Barbara said...

rigolo !! bon weekend