Monday, May 25, 2020

Incredibly Intricate Paper-Cut Artwork by Marina Gubareva

Marina Gubareva is a paper-cutting artist from Russia who presently works from the city of Stavropol. After finishing her graduation, the artist worked as a school teacher for many years teaching language and literature. When she became a mother, she saw paper-cut work of other artists and fell in love with the art!

She paper-cuts delicate and intricately detailed silhouettes, portraits and text with a simple craft knife. Her work is inspired by pictures of famous artists, books, photographs and real life events. Her work depicts human portraits, animals, owls, and fish that are hand-cut with lots of patience. Each cut on paper is usually about about 1 to 2 mm in size.

"My work gives me hope and demonstrates that you can reach everything, even if it seems impossible. I often hear that my pictures are unreal. And then I look at my hands and discover nothing extraordinary. Everyone is able to create masterpieces and be the best! You just need to love what you do. And go ahead!"

You can find Marina's framed and unframed artwork in her online store.


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