Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Emily Jan's Sculptures Made of Recycled and Found Objects

Emily Jan is a sculptor who creates amazing hyper-realistic sculptures and installations using found objects. Montreal based artist is originally from San Francisco, has traveled to 35 countries and lived in 4 including South Africa and Mexico. Her work is inspired by her travels, and her exploration as a naturalist, and collector of objects. Jan gained a degree in MFA from Concordia University, a BA with Honors from Brown University, and a BFA with High Distinction from the California College of the Arts.

The artist primarily uses materials such as wool, reed, cloth, silicone and resin to construct life-size sculptures. The sculptures are completely handmade with love and can easily be mistaken for real. She needle felts raw wool into fur for the animals, casts resin to form their skulls, teeth and claws, and twigs and branches to give them antlers. For decorations she uses second hand flowers that are up-cycled in her pieces.

Her concern for the destruction humans are causing to the planet is a underlying theme in her work. "We need to change or transform our baseline assumptions about how we relate to all of the other life on the planet," she shares here. "So many of us born and raised in cities get a warped sense of what the world is actually like — what's important, what's disposable, what isn't." Her work is a gentle reminder no matter how powerful humans feel they are by building a world that's revolves around them, nature can not be conquered. We are not independent of the nature, we can't live in isolation from the natural world.