Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Tweed Cushions by Wag Tail and Willow

Alexandra is the designer and the creator behind the brand Wag Tail and Willow. She hand makes animal portraits and custom pet cushions from her studio in Cotswolds. The cushions are made with tweed, velvet, wool, silk, vintage and recycled fabrics.

For any custom design, Alexandra starts by requesting the client to send her a few pictures of their pet and then selects the ones she thinks works best. Next she draws a sketch and creates a color map to guide her which color of fabric will go where. She cuts the fabric, stacks them before stitching them all together. There can be 25 to 30 pieces of fabric pieces to construct one face. It's the amazing detailing that makes her work resemble to the original picture.

Visit her online store for more animal design cushions - Wag Tail and Willow.