Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Delicate Wildlife Paper Sculptures by Calvin Nicholls

owl family

close up, look at the feathers


layers of paper to form waves

Calvin Nicholls is a Canadian paper artist who studied graphic design in college. He got intrigued in paper art while he was still in college and later discovered paper artist whose work encouraged him to experiment with paper. He creates amazing haut-relief sculptures inspired by wildlife using xacto knife, knife, scalpel, scissor and glue. 

Calvin consults with biologists, world-renowned photographers and makes trips into the wild to observe the subject in their natural environment. To add texture to his paper sculptures, the artist hand-cuts tiny pieces of paper that give delicate feel to the final sculpture. Every piece of paper is attached to the surface with glue and finally, with the subtle use of light his sculptures are brought to life. "My process is never complete until I have captured the form and detail in optimal lighting." It can take anywhere from two weeks to several hundred of hours to finish a piece depending on the level of difficulty. 

His work has been featured in several publications including Art Impressions, Canadian Living, WorthWhile, Century Home, Bliss and more. You can find the limited edition prints and sculptures on his website.



Barbara said...

compl├ętement fou waouh impressionnant