Thursday, December 19, 2019

Artist Embroiders Anthropomorphic Characters into Hoop Art


Andreia is the designer and embroider behind all the gorgeous art at Black Cat Creative Studio. She has always been passionate about creating things using needle and thread with immense detail. She was only four years old when she started to learn embroidery from her mother and has been honing her skills ever since.

She creates stunning pieces of embroidered hoop art inspired by flora, fauna and botanical patterns. The anthropomorphic owl, cat and fox seem be playing a role in a movie as "The Astrophysicist", "The Physician", and "The Guardian of the Key". She starts a piece by hand-painting cotton surface and embroiders intricate designs in vibrant color scheme. She adds a unique touch to each piece by wrapping the hoop with ribbons of paper or velvet, decorating the edges with paper stars, and gold and copper dust.

You can find her embroidered hoop art in her online store Black Cat Creative Studio.