Friday, December 20, 2019

Sarah Whittle Draws One Bird a Day for the Advent Calendar 2019

Every year I eagerly wait for the month of December not only because it's the most beautiful time of year but also because of the creativity that takes over the internet. Many artists give themselves an advent calendar challenge to create a piece on a specific theme each day counting down to the Christmas Day. 

The above shown illustrations are by Sarah Whittle a freelance illustrator based in Penzance, Cornwall. She joined the Instagram advent calendar challenge "decembird" to draw a bird each day till the 25th. I love the series featuring owl, swans, goose, rooster, bullfinch and woodpecker in festive color palette. The owl making snow angels, goose singing the carols, woodpecker ice skating, and magpies opening gifts each illustration takes you one day closer to the Christmas day.