Monday, May 20, 2019

Artist Creates Amazing 6 Foot Tall Sculptures With Shoe Boxes

Christophe Roberts was born in Chicago and now lives in Brooklyn. He is an artist with multi-talents, he paints, sculpts, designs, and creates amazing installations. Through his large-size sculptures he explores masculinities and consumerism by recycling building materials and up-cycling Nike shoe boxes.

"You look at shoe boxes every day, but didn’t think of creating a 6 foot lion or a great white shark. I thought of it when no one else was thinking about it...I decided to run with it; the possibilities of this project are endless.”

He has exhibited his work at New Gallery of Modern Art, Charlotte, NC, Long View Gallery, Washington DC, and Lyons Wier Gallery, New York. He has worked in collaboration with Jeff Staple for the Staple fashion brand and the Wu-Tang Clan, for Wallplay Gallery, New York. He is working with Nike on an ongoing project for their Manhattan flagship store as well as he has made commissioned sculptures and installations for Nike’s Air Max Day.


Barbara said...

impressionnant merci