Thursday, May 23, 2019

Vanessa Lubach Carves Intricate Linocuts Inspired By Countryside

Vanessa Lubach studied illustration at Brighton, graduated in 1990 and has been illustrating, printmaking and painting ever since. Her work mostly has observational drawings as a primary theme focusing on how light creates form.

She hand-carves intricate and detailed landscapes inspired by her beautiful surroundings to create multi-layered linocuts. Each of her piece is hand burnished by a spoon in her studio. Her work has cats, owl, chickens and birds as a recurring subject matter that is combined with patterns and a unique color palette. She has won National Portrait Gallery BP award in 2012 and has participated in several exhibitions. You can see her work in person at Masham Gallery, exhibition "The Illustrated Garden" till July 1st. For limited edition linocut go to her online store


Barbara said...

fantastique merci