Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Bright Ceramics Accented With Deep Gold by Odarya Darya

Odarya Darya is a ceramic artist based in Russia who has an account on Instagram where she shares her new creations with her over 72K followers. She sculpts amazing ceramics including plates, bowls, spoons and fruits with irregular shapes and finished with rough edges. 

I am swooning over her richly glazed pomegranates, strawberries, cherries and figs. Imagine a fall table decorated with these little beauties. Her nature inspired work is full of bright colors and accents of deep gold that gives her pieces an elegant look. It was a hard task to pick only a few pieces to share in this post, there's not one piece that I like more than the other. Visit her on Instagram and see what I mean, I bet you'll be lost for hours browsing her posts. Enjoy!