Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Adorable Illustrations Will Make You Fall In Love With Cold Days



Madison Safer is an illustrator based in New Hampshire. She graduated with a degree in BFA in Illustration from Montserrat College of Art. She paints whimsical characters, flora and fauna that would transport one to their childhood days. Her paintings are inspired by Eastern European art, Russian folk art, and the enchanting woods of the New England. 

Her work also gets influenced by the patterns and designs of vintage Victorian postcards, and classic children's books which one can see in her work that invokes nostalgia. She works with a variety of mediums for her work. She starts a painting with a layer of watercolor, and then adds details on it with gouache, colored pencil and crayons to get the perfect texture. 

The shown paintings are from her Winter collection featuring anthropomorphic animals cuddling under the blanket, hanging lights on the tree, drinking tea with pastries, and indulging in hot bath. 

You can find these paintings as art prints, stickers, cards and pins in her online store.


Barbara said...

plein de douceur merci

My Owl Barn said...

Thanks Barbara :) Have a wonderful holidays!