Thursday, November 21, 2019

Tattoo Artist Spends Over 100 Hours to Tattoo a Client's Back



Makkala Rose is a internationally known tattoo artist born in New Zealand. She travels and works especially between the UK, USA and New Zealand. Her work is inspired by natural elements often featuring animals, flora and fauna in striking color palette. She has done some really dramatic tattoos on her client's back, "painting" burning candles, flower arrangement, bouquet of fruits and a hanging bat on a dark inky background. Such large scale tattoos can take up to 122 hours to finish!

She spends hours looking at pictures of flower bouquets and takes pictures of the blooms in public gardens to study them of her designs. For more complex tattoo designs, the artist collects the objects she is planning to tattoo and creates a composition with them to make the final design.

"I am drawn to and inspired by nature and connecting with the land, the beautiful fauna and flora that surrounds us and the connections we have with our precious fur children, art, people, crystals and the mood and energy these bring us, I craft all the things I make with the intention of love, beauty and healing."

You can check her website for booking schedule. Visit her online store for art prints, pocket mirror, and temporary tattoos.