Wednesday, November 20, 2019

New Paper-cut Work by Pippa Dyrlaga



Pippa Dyrlaga is a paper artist who has been cutting paper since 2010. She finds the simplicity of a blank sheet of paper ideal for her work. Something that's so commonly used in several ways in our lives including to communicate with others, chosen by the artist to do that through her art. Her work is inspired by the natural world and British wildlife that she is surrounded by.

Each piece begins with hand-drawn images that are then cut using a scalpel. Her paper-cut artwork can be 80cms in length which can take days to finish. The stunning piece shown above (on the top) is called Psychopomp inspired by Greek myths. "Psychopomps are spirits or deitys, often depicted in animal form, which guide you to afterlife. Split into two, night and day, life and death. I wanted the daytime to represent life and growth, with organic patterns and plants. The second half with nocturnal animals, and more abstract patterns representing the more abstract ideas of what comes afterwards."

You can learn more about her work and see images of behind the scenes on Instagram account Bear Follows Cat.


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