Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Paper-cut Artwork Transformed Into Stunning Greeting Cards

Chau Art was founded by 24 year old artist Chau Nguyen in 2016. It's a brand that specializes in paper cut greeting cards and luxury paper goods. Every piece is meticulously hand-drawn and cut by Chau. Her online store has over 12 categories including wrapping paper, notebooks, planners, tote bags and cards for almost any occasion you can think of.

"Chau is a sixty-something years old trapped in a twenty-four years old body who prefers smelly old books over Kindle, calligraphy brushes over ballpoint pens and stacks of paper over the computer screen... These feels of nostalgia and romantic resonance are thus apparent throughout the designs" shared on her website.

Her products are stocked by several boutique stores and galleries through out the UK and internationally. If you are looking for the perfect card to send to someone special in your life then hop on to artist's online store.


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